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eMail Setup

We now have two mailboxes that need to be monitored on a shared basis. These are : – this is now the “catch all” mailbox for all IC Travel incoming mail – the old email address is now forwarded to Ian who will forward anything relevant to bookings@ictraveladmin

This mailbox also receives all system messages, alerts and customer notifications generated by Topicplus+ – anything that is received into this mailbox needs to be considered for printing and posting to customers – if any customer record is set up in Topicplus+ in the future for customers with no email addresses please use this address in their customer record.

You will ned to add the two new mailboxes into Outlook for each Windows logon used in the office. Please ask Jim Hamshaw for the passwords, which are case-sensitive. PLEASE DON’T CHANGE THE PASSWORDS AS THEY’RE EMBEDDED IN TOPICPLUS+ AND EVERYONE’S MAIL CLIENTS!

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Open Outlook and select File. From there, click the Add Account button.

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Enter the email address you wish to add and click the Advanced options heading. Once done, select the option Let me set up my account manually and click Connect.

 Step 3 of 6

On the next page, choose the option IMAP.

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For the ‘Incoming mail’ section, enter as the incoming mail server and use 993 for the Port. For the encryption method, select SSL/TLS.

For the ‘Outgoing mail’ section, enter as the outgoing mail server and use 465 for the Port. For the encryption method, select SSL/TLS.

Once done, click Next.

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Enter the email address password and click Connect.

Step 6 of 6

Your email account has now been added.

NB – There shouldn’t really be any need to send/reply from noemail@ as anything in there relates to customers with no email addresses

Bookings@ can be used as the reply email where replies are necessary outside of Topicplus+. As we get more familiar with Topicplus+ it will become apparent which emails should be sent from, within (and recorded by) the new booking system and which needn’t.

Finally, please add the standard email signature to your mailbox setup.

  • Open Outlook
  • Start a New eMail
  • In the ribbon menu click “Signature, then Signatures”
  • Under the “Select Signature to Edit” box click “New”
  • In the pop-up box type “Bookings – IC Travel” and click “OK”
  • Copy and paste this detail (and download (right click, save image) then add the two images – the add image button is the second from the right) into the “Edit signature” box :

IC Travel
Unit 4, Beech Avenue Business Park
Taverham, Norwich NR8 6HW
01603 868680 (office hours are Mon-Fri 10am-4pm or leave us a message)

Set the text to Blue in the text editor and your signature should look like this (don’t use this image or the links won’t work!)

Finally, set the “Choose default signature” settings for the eMail account “” to the new signature “Bookings – IT Travel” for both “New Messages” and “Replies/Forwards”

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